Friday, July 6, 2012



God has bestowed human being intelligence. Intelligence is the backbone of a person’s thought and vision. Vision gave the person a power to look into the future. Every person wanted to have a good life ahead. We could not get better situation in our future without having a proper planning. Planning is the process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.
We have to identify where we are standing, where we are planning to go and what we are planning to do. We don’t need to invent or formulate a formal plan, we can chalk out our dreams and goals in our mind. Once we know where we stand, then it would be better for us to evaluate our strength and chances. It would be better to have short and long term strategy to attain our future goals. All my life I have been asked if what are the things that I wanted to do. I used to have answers like a doctor, a princess, a nurse, a teacher, a flight attendant, even a celebrity nor a dancer. This time, people wanted a serious answer. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree diploma in a University is the first on my list. The next one is to repay all the hardship of my parents for sending me to school from kindergarten to college. However, I often wonder about my future as I am about to finish college. There are number of questions in my mind. It is very hard to choose from several choices, because I know they will affect me for the rest of my life. I want a profession that will give me a sense of accomplishment, challenge me, and bring me joy. Because I believe that a job should be like a hobby not a burden or an obligation. My course Marketing Management will land me to a career that will not just assure me but will provide all my desires and wishes. Such as, living comfortably, experiencing luxury, travel, and enjoying life to its fullest. And of course having a family on my own is part of my future plan. When I think all of these, I can see a sea of possibilities.  The choices I have are like footsteps in the walk of life.  They picture the way to where I’m destined to be, and I hope and pray that in my journey I will be guided from above. I know in my heart that I can help to make our world a better, more unique place by influencing the next generation.

Monday, March 16, 2009


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Thursday, February 12, 2009


fairy tales are the love story
for children, it is repeated over and over.
it always ends in living in a happily ever after... so enchanted!

puppy love...---what is puppy love?? tsk!

i was 10 years old when a childhood boy friend asked me if he could court me.. out of my curiosity i said yes, for the fact that i want to experience being courted and making me as somebody's princess aside from my parents.. After I graduated from my elementary I had my first puppy love.-some may say that first love never dies but then I strongly disagree.. I was just playing that time, i just want to experience having a boyfriend..i know it was wrong, it was later when i realized it. but no regrets at all. its kinda funny when I am recalling those days..hahaha :)
I started having a boyfriend as early as 11 years old. It was the time that texting or sending a short messaging is very rampant for the teens and young adults.. we sent several numbers of messages everyday, it was the only way where we can communicate.. when we see each other we just only starring at each other, seldom talks,..answers are timid too.. no holding hands kidding! thats the truth...hahaha.. really kids in love! never grown up yet!

now i am 18, i had number of guys who courted me, and quite a number of relationships including the mutual understanding and the getting to know stages.. up to this age of my life i am still dreaming and wanting to have the fairy tale.. i admit that i am a big fan of the fairy tale love story, i am wishing to have it for real in my life.. I am the spoiled daughter of my parents since i am the youngest and they give me the special treatment in all the things, most of the material stuffs that i wanted is just like a snap and i could have it.. but then when it comes to the real thing, i mean the real challenge of love in the real world why those guys can just easily say i could do this and that for you when courting?? why is it like that??? and when time comes and you're together in a relationship everything changes!.. so sad.. eummmnnn..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

because i've got everything

you are a shut up d@mn p@thetic wh(o)re..hahaha..
you've got nothing to brag bi@tch!! whow!! pity on the msg from my suits on you...
uh-oh..eummmnnn.. im talking in English.. you might not comprehend with're a down grader..wahahaha..
you get what i mean??
"you love haters??->> oh c'mon! its because you are a loser..they do hate you because they are not insecure, what should they must be insecure on you?!? nothing..'coz u got nothing! they hate you because you are a sl*t, p@thetic loser! you are a trash! hahaha"
"does your eyes really adorable???-- i can say NO!!! as is a big NO!!! wahahaha.. you're eyes is not a sparkling one that must be adored,...its an eye of a poor bi@tch.."
poor lady,
you must face the consequences because of what you have done behind my back..i will assure you that i will win in this battle, i will let you pay everything!
don't act as if you're virgin mary coz you are not! you don't even got her looks, your face is circular and pity on you nose..haha!! you must go to the cosmetic surgeon and have it repaired..hahaha
you've got nothing i have everything! i will ruin your life girl...

msg from patty: a good friend of mine..hahaha
>>>you should read this, so so ambitious
>>>yeah, yeah the subject is right...
now what? why are so jealous of her? is it becuz she has everything that you're wishing for? can't you just stop pretending to be a rich kid,and a popular one? can't you see? you have nothing at all, as in nothing. those things that you boast a lot are not yours! your so pathetic! so stop dreaming!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 christmas disaster

christmas---eummmnn.. it is supposed to be merry!!! but it wasn't merry for me at all...

it was a huge disaster.. i mean its a 3 days disaster!!-dinaig pah ang midnyt sale..

its a long story..i just wanna make it short..

i was being pissed and my day is being ruined by a person...

i wanna shrink! i wanna vanished...and iwanna die for causing to much trouble!

its a lesson for me and for him also..i dnt wanna made a deal with him would stop everything that connects us..i wanna get out with his life.. i decided! and i have concluded..

hndi sa dala ng galit ko pero kailangan eh...masaklap pah i hate this something stupid thingy connection with him...i really hate wat happened!! evrything is being messed up... it must be fed up but its spills out! grrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh...

i hate this christmas 2008...
it made me cry whole tym going to titos office, to the airport, departure-arrival, upto malate..arghhh! bw*ct!