Thursday, February 12, 2009


fairy tales are the love story
for children, it is repeated over and over.
it always ends in living in a happily ever after... so enchanted!

puppy love...---what is puppy love?? tsk!

i was 10 years old when a childhood boy friend asked me if he could court me.. out of my curiosity i said yes, for the fact that i want to experience being courted and making me as somebody's princess aside from my parents.. After I graduated from my elementary I had my first puppy love.-some may say that first love never dies but then I strongly disagree.. I was just playing that time, i just want to experience having a boyfriend..i know it was wrong, it was later when i realized it. but no regrets at all. its kinda funny when I am recalling those days..hahaha :)
I started having a boyfriend as early as 11 years old. It was the time that texting or sending a short messaging is very rampant for the teens and young adults.. we sent several numbers of messages everyday, it was the only way where we can communicate.. when we see each other we just only starring at each other, seldom talks,..answers are timid too.. no holding hands kidding! thats the truth...hahaha.. really kids in love! never grown up yet!

now i am 18, i had number of guys who courted me, and quite a number of relationships including the mutual understanding and the getting to know stages.. up to this age of my life i am still dreaming and wanting to have the fairy tale.. i admit that i am a big fan of the fairy tale love story, i am wishing to have it for real in my life.. I am the spoiled daughter of my parents since i am the youngest and they give me the special treatment in all the things, most of the material stuffs that i wanted is just like a snap and i could have it.. but then when it comes to the real thing, i mean the real challenge of love in the real world why those guys can just easily say i could do this and that for you when courting?? why is it like that??? and when time comes and you're together in a relationship everything changes!.. so sad.. eummmnnn..

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