Sunday, December 28, 2008

because i've got everything

you are a shut up d@mn p@thetic wh(o)re..hahaha..
you've got nothing to brag bi@tch!! whow!! pity on the msg from my suits on you...
uh-oh..eummmnnn.. im talking in English.. you might not comprehend with're a down grader..wahahaha..
you get what i mean??
"you love haters??->> oh c'mon! its because you are a loser..they do hate you because they are not insecure, what should they must be insecure on you?!? nothing..'coz u got nothing! they hate you because you are a sl*t, p@thetic loser! you are a trash! hahaha"
"does your eyes really adorable???-- i can say NO!!! as is a big NO!!! wahahaha.. you're eyes is not a sparkling one that must be adored,...its an eye of a poor bi@tch.."
poor lady,
you must face the consequences because of what you have done behind my back..i will assure you that i will win in this battle, i will let you pay everything!
don't act as if you're virgin mary coz you are not! you don't even got her looks, your face is circular and pity on you nose..haha!! you must go to the cosmetic surgeon and have it repaired..hahaha
you've got nothing i have everything! i will ruin your life girl...

msg from patty: a good friend of mine..hahaha
>>>you should read this, so so ambitious
>>>yeah, yeah the subject is right...
now what? why are so jealous of her? is it becuz she has everything that you're wishing for? can't you just stop pretending to be a rich kid,and a popular one? can't you see? you have nothing at all, as in nothing. those things that you boast a lot are not yours! your so pathetic! so stop dreaming!!!!

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